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Erotic massage in Kiev

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We welcome you, ladies and gentlemen, and we invite you to open for yourselves VIP-salon of erotic massage in the city of the fulfilled fantasies – Kiev.

Classical and erotic, Japanese sensual, European body massage, relaxing Thai techniques, the Indian techniques of work with the chakras – only some from among professional programs which our salon of erotic massage will offer to you.

The most delightful masseurs who were ever seen by Kiev are always available for you – their bodies are ideal, and touches give a pacification, pleasure and joy of life. Each of the girls who makes VIP-erotic massage in this salon possesses her own bright character that presents to guests unforgettable impressions. The unique polished manner of movements, special smoothness and expression, unique personal charisma of each charming woman are the business card, and recommend our salon of erotic massage not only in Kiev, but also outside the country. Let us to offer you some of number of VIP-services, noted by regular clients as especial.

Sensual massage – a magnificent choice for revival. The business people coming to Kiev professionally prefer to do it. Sensual massage effectively reduces stress and fatigue, helps to relax completely and, in some hours after it, to reach peak of intellectual activity even at daily workload.

One more secret of phenomenal popularity of sensual massage that the young angels living here skillfully combine Japanese relaxation techniques. And what do you prefer as new experience: "thousand kisses", "ice breath", "lash of three winds"?

Body massage. Our salon considers body massage as exclusively effective therapy, and its results we observe weekly with satisfaction – the majority of number of regular clients notes the enormous flood of forces and improvement of health. Everything is right: body massage intensifies functioning of cardiovascular system, allows to improve a hormonal exchange, stimulates work of internals … Also leaves very bright memoirs.

Erotic massage for girls. Today it features, first of all, prevention to diseases of skin, breast, ovaries, etc. Skilled gentle hands of our masseurs know on what centers it is necessary to influence that girls have always hitched bust, silky skin, and elastic body. Such effect can't be reached only through healthy nutrition and sports activities – erotic massage is a key link in maintenance of youth and beauty at girls. And, of course, it means unusually long pleasures.

Erotic massage for couples. World known Tantric practices are available now in Kiev. We invite you to special massage for couples – a key to improbable new feelings with your beloved. Our salon will become the temple of opening for your couple – from trust open spaces not familiar still up to the depths of knowledge of long, rough mutual pleasure. During the massage partners learn to be for each other a source of passions and desires, inspiration, love. Erotic massage for couples – the most tremendous form of education known to the person for the present day. It lays a way to perfection of feelings and relationship. And, as on each long way all have their conductors, so one or several beauties masseurs will become it.

Kiev doesn't know refusals, ladies and gentlemen! We promise to be in it worthy the most sensual city of Europe, and you.


Professional Kyiv massage for men will help you to relax, forget about routine, problems and business. Visiting our Simona Salon you definitely appreciate the high-quality work of our charming masseuses.

Wonderful atmosphere, nice music and splendid girls who perfectly perform their tasks, will quickly bring you into the balance of mind and body.

After being massaged from the top of your head to your tiptoes you will feel an incredible surge of energy and vital power.  Our Kyiv massage salon offers various options of this popular procedure: classic, European, body massages.

Pay attention! Without sex!

Upon a client’s desire the session may be held by two girls. Each of the mentioned massages has a very positive effect as our masseuses perform their work carefully and on the high level.

Tender and delicate but at the same time strong hands of our fairies will provide you with the inimitable moments of delight and bliss. The charming beauties of our salon will make everything to distract our clients from heavy and distressing routine and send them for a while to a wonderful paradise. If you desire to have a Kyiv massage - visit us.

Life in a huge metropolis is madding and full of stress situations. Our beautiful masseuses will rejuvenate you and bring the maximum pleasure. You will admire the delicate fingers and stunning bodies of our girls. Every massage in our salon is a real ritual bringing the feel of peace and mental harmony to our clients.

Visit Kyiv massage salon and you will get rid of boredom, lassitude and forget about problems in your life.  The procedures will improve the general state of your organism, you will perceive new positive emotions, spice in everyday life and will want to visit us again. Find some time for yourself in your busy time schedule and you understand how right it is.

Fairy masseuses will take you to a land of unknown before feelings. We guarantee an exciting pleasure and complete relaxation as the result of amazing procedures executed to a high standard by the goddess of our salon.

We are waiting for you around the clock 24/7!!!

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